Beer Pairing Dinner Update

Brother Knights

As a prelude to last night’s business meeting, we held an initial planning meeting to discuss the upcoming annual Beer Pairing Dinner to benefit the Knights ultrasound program. The date for the event is April 11th and tickets will go on sale starting Sunday March 1st. Tickets will be $45 (same as last year) and attendance will be limited to 100 people, so we expect it to fill up fast! Last year’s dinner was a great success and as a result Council 9597 was able to contribute $3700 to the ultrasound program. This year we will be supported by Our Lady of Fatima’s Respect Life committee in supplying some of the program material and speakers.

With the Knights in attendance last evening, we discussed the various roles and tasks that need to be addressed and we made good progress.
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Important Message from Colorado Catholic Conference


House Bill 1135 seeks to legalize physician assisted suicide.  A law allowing assisted suicide would demean the lives of vulnerable patients and expose them to exploitation by those who feel they are better off dead. Such a policy would corrupt the medical profession, whose ethical code calls on physicians to serve life and never to kill.  The voiceless or marginalized in our society – the poor, the frail elderly, and racial minorities would be the first to feel pressure to die.

The Colorado Catholic Conference OPPOSES this legislation.

This bill will be heard in the House Public Health Care & Human Services Committee on Friday, February 6, Upon Adjournment, in House Committee room 271.

Please contact you Representative and the members of the Public Health Care & Human Services Committee and ask them to OPPOSE  House Bill 1135 which would legalize physician assisted suicide in Colorado.

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Are You Ready for some Football (Frenzy)?

It’s football season again, and for the Knights in Colorado, that means Football Frenzy!  Football Frenzy is a sweepstake program operated by the state charities corporation.  Knights are asked to sell tickets that list 4 NFL teams for each of the last 10 weeks of the season.  Tickets that have 4 high-scoring teams, or 4 low-scoring teams, can win cash prizes.  $1000 in cash prizes are awarded each week.  There is also a discount card on every ticket.  Lots of details, and lists of weekly winners are available at  Ticket sales need to be complete by the end of September.  Last season, Brother Knight Tom Martinez sold a week 1 winner to a co-worker; who will sell (or buy) a winner this year?  Contact Michael Majeres at to get tickets today!  Please put “Football” in the subject line.

Tootsie Roll Time

Each fall, the Knights of Columbus conduct one of their most popular and successful programs, known as the “Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities”. As the name entails, this program benefits people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Knights stand outside local businesses and solicit funds from the public. In appreciation, the donor is offered a “Tootsie Roll”. The high visibility of this program has led to the campaign being referred to as the “Tootsie Roll Drive” even though there is no official connection with the candy manufacturer.

Here at Our Lady of Fatima, the Knights of Columbus are in the process of performing a very successful 2014 campaign. Starting the first weekend in September and running through the middle of October, the Knights will be soliciting contributions in front of three different King Soopers stores in the Lakewood area. They will conclude the 2014 campaign by standing outside the Fatima church in late October and asking for donations at the conclusion of all masses. If you would like to contribute to this important drive, you may make a cash donation or write a check addressed to “K of C – 9597”. The Knights will accept any and all donations – small and large as they all add up to help the handicapped. Remember: this program is to help the handicapped and we encourage everyone – young, middle aged and seniors to participate. This is an excellent opportunity for children to experience the “helping hand” of a Catholic by giving to those less fortunate!

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