Assembly 2551

Fourth Degree members are organized into units that specifically promote patriotism; these units are called Assemblies. Assemblies are composed of Fourth Degree members from Councils within specific geographic areas in the State. In Colorado there are about 40 Assemblies. Fourth Degree members are generally the most visible aspect of the Knights of Columbus that the general public identifies with in that they are the men who wear uniforms in parades and various ceremonial occasions. Assemblies tend to meet once a month.

Assembly 2551 is named in honor of Mother Teresa and meets on the first Thursday of each month in the Fireside Room at Our Lady of Fatima. The Color Corps, led by SK Keith Mobley, provides honor guards at funerals and other parish and archdiocesan events.  3rd degree Knights considering moving to the 4th degree should also be aware that the assembly has funds available for loan for the purchase of social regalia and/or full regalia.  Wearing the uniform and participation in honor guards is NOT a requirement to join the assembly, but you will need a dark suit.  More information can be gotten by contacting the Faithful Navigator, Jim Espy, or Michael Majeres.