Ultrasound Update

GREAT NEWS!  Life Choices in Westminster has met all requirements and the grant application has been completed and sent by the State Deputy to the Supreme Council for their action.  We are expecting to have a reply from Supreme before the end of the year.  The application was submitted listing Council #9597 as the sole sponsor of the ultrasound machine.  The requested ultrasound machine is an Alpinion E-CUBE-7.  More details will be announced at the November business meeting.

The state ultrasound initiative director, brother knight Michael Beiriger, thanks Council #9597 for their commitment to the preservation of the lives of God’s unborn children through their sponsorship of this ultrasound machine for Life Choices.  Thank you!

Coats for Kids Distribution, October 26th!

I just received word that our brothers at Council 3799 will be distributing coats (including those our council purchased) on Monday, Oct. 26th, after school (about 2:30) from the school kitchen.  Anyone who can be there to help will be welcome.

As we’ve been reminded many times, “Charity does not consist of gifts of money alone!” We are called to bring our faith and charity to life; to be the hands of Christ, doing His work, in our communities.  If you can be there, take some pictures, and I’ll send them along to the State Council people for posting on their Facebook page and in The Knights Call.

Thanks for all you do; your generous hearts never fail to lift me up!

Vivat Jesus!

Prayer Warriors Needed

Brother knights please look at this invitation from Woody Ritchie.

As many of you know, OLF is participating in two days of prayer vigil at the Planned Parenthood site. We have covered a large number of the available slots but still need prayer attendees for the following times:
Please find it in your hearts to sign up for one of these available times and join the vigils in fighting the evil that is Planned Parenthood.
In Christ,

On a related note I also received this invitation from the SOS-Savers of Souls ministry:

Dear Brother Knight,We are having an important “KOC SOS Mission Night” for the Denver Metropolitan Council area on Thursday October 8th at 7:30pm to discuss the KOC SOS Mission of how to close the Stapleton Planned Parenthood (PPH – 2nd largest in the U.S.) through KOC prayer missionaries. Every day 15-20 children are murdered at this PPH – we need to unite as KOC councils to defeat this evil – It’s time for brother Knights to lead this battle against satan!

We need at least 1-2 Knights from your council to attend – preferably your Director of Life, but if you don’t have one, your program director or Knights involved in Respect Life issues. The meeting will be held at Our Lady of Lourdes Church basement at 2200 S Logan St, Denver CO 80210. Please see the attached file for more details.

Please RSVP to me info@saversofsouls.org or Tom Kaiser tomkaiser87@gmail.com as to will be attending. We had 9 councils at our last mission night on 7/22, but we need participation from 40 councils throughout our area and your council is one of them! I challenge all of you to discern what KOC mission/project is more important than saving souls in the abortion battle?

“The greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion” Blessed Mother Teresa

God bless,

Brad Maddock

Director of Life Council 10205

SOS Missionary

The Triumphant Return of Pancake Breakfasts!

Brother Knights,

This coming Sunday (Sept. 20th) we will put on our monthly pancake breakfast at OLF after the 7:00 am, 8:30 am and 10:00 am masses.

The early crew will get started around 6:30 am and we will finish up sometime between 12:00 – 12:30 pm.

If you have never worked a breakfast before, this would be a great time to become involved with the council and work the breakfast.  If you used to work the breakfasts but have gotten away from doing this in the past few years, again this would be a great time to get re-involved with the council.  If you have physical limitations that prevent you from working the breakfast, we understand.  It is the physically-able people we are asking to come forward and volunteer their time.  You don’t have to work the entire event (even though we have people who do that), so the hours you choose to work will be up to you.

If you have never worked a pancake breakfast, this will be a good chance to get to know many of the guys in the council and also for them to get to know you.

I hope to see as many of you as possible this Sunday.  If you have any questions, please give me a call or shoot me an email message.

Dave Schneider, Program Director
Our Lady of Fatima Knights of Columbus
Council 9597

Don’t Forget the Council Picnic-This Friday at 6pm

All members of our council, along with their families, are invited to the council picnic, this Friday, Sept. 18th.  We’ll have hot dogs and hamburgers as well as some soft drinks.  Please bring a side dish to share, and any “adult beverages” you’ll want.  we forgot to plan one last year, so let’s make sure to have a great evening on fun and fellowship this year.  Please RSVP to either Brother Knight Lou Schornack, or Rich Phillips, so we can insure we have enough food.

See you there!

Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities is Underway

Brothers, our annual Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities, otherwise known as the “Tootsie Roll” drive has started.  As we have done in the past, we’ll cover volunteer shifts in front of area King Soopers stores, handing out free tootsie rolls, and asking for donations to assist those in our community.  We have new aprons that we received last year, and new cans to collect donations in.  In order to reduce the effort needed to manage the volunteers, the council will be using “Sign-Up Genius”, an online service to allow members to choose a shift that works for them and their family’s schedules.  You should have received an invitation via email already, but in case you haven’t you can use this link.  You may need to create an account with them when you get there.  Contact the Grand Knight is you have any issues or email kofc9597@gmail.com

On the same topic, I’ll share with you a poem that Dave Schneider shared with the council via email…

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Football Frenzy is now Football Crazr!

It’s time for Football, which means it’s time to buy your Football Crazr (formerly known as Football Frenzy) tickets to this year’s season. No excuses. No, “I haven’t won before”! Many winners have lost as much if not more than you, and the proceeds go to Knights’ Charities. And, if our Council sells more 50  or more tickets we receive $2 per ticket back.

So, what is different between Football Crazr and Football Frenzy? The new Football Crazr also includes discounts that you have access to using your ticket stub in addition to the weekly prize payouts:

Highest combined 4 team score:                    $400

2nd Highest:                                                         $200

3rd Highest:                                                         $100

4th Highest:                                                         $80

5th Highest:                                                         $60

6th Highest:                                                         $40

7th Highest:                                                         $20

Lowest combined 4 team score:                    $60

2nd Lowest:                                                         $40

So, you have 9 chances to win, time ten weeks, or 90 chances! Plus the discounts and support of Knights’ Charities.

Okay, our Council 9597 is offering one more incentive, be one of the first 16 men to purchase/sell 5 or more tickets and you get a free team in our Council’s Football Crazr Fantasy League with a 1st place payout of $50, 2nd place of $35 and 3rd place of $15 (the prize money is donated so it’s not coming out of money back from ticket sales). And… the draft party will be at the Klispie home where you will be well fed and supplied with a decent selection of beer and sodas. Draft party will be either on Saturday, August 29th or Saturday September 5th at 5PM depending on schedules for those in the league.

Be ready to get your tickets! Contact Ken Klispie at kklispie@gmail.com or by phone 720-341-2543 to reserve you spot today.

Peach Distribution-Saturday, August 8th

Reminder to anyone who bought peaches from Council 9597 to support Catholic seminarians…it’s time to come get your delicious Palisade peaches!  We will be distributing from 8 am until Noon in the OLF parking lot.  For your safety, and ours, please follow the posted signage.

Brother Knights (and gentlemen considering joining our order), we have nearly 500 boxes of peaches to hand out between 8-Noon on Saturday, August 8th.  If you have any availability during that time, please drop by and pitch in!