Football Frenzy is now Football Crazr!

It’s time for Football, which means it’s time to buy your Football Crazr (formerly known as Football Frenzy) tickets to this year’s season. No excuses. No, “I haven’t won before”! Many winners have lost as much if not more than you, and the proceeds go to Knights’ Charities. And, if our Council sells more 50  or more tickets we receive $2 per ticket back.

So, what is different between Football Crazr and Football Frenzy? The new Football Crazr also includes discounts that you have access to using your ticket stub in addition to the weekly prize payouts:

Highest combined 4 team score:                    $400

2nd Highest:                                                         $200

3rd Highest:                                                         $100

4th Highest:                                                         $80

5th Highest:                                                         $60

6th Highest:                                                         $40

7th Highest:                                                         $20

Lowest combined 4 team score:                    $60

2nd Lowest:                                                         $40

So, you have 9 chances to win, time ten weeks, or 90 chances! Plus the discounts and support of Knights’ Charities.

Okay, our Council 9597 is offering one more incentive, be one of the first 16 men to purchase/sell 5 or more tickets and you get a free team in our Council’s Football Crazr Fantasy League with a 1st place payout of $50, 2nd place of $35 and 3rd place of $15 (the prize money is donated so it’s not coming out of money back from ticket sales). And… the draft party will be at the Klispie home where you will be well fed and supplied with a decent selection of beer and sodas. Draft party will be either on Saturday, August 29th or Saturday September 5th at 5PM depending on schedules for those in the league.

Be ready to get your tickets! Contact Ken Klispie at or by phone 720-341-2543 to reserve you spot today.

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