Upcoming Events

  • Reminder on some dates to save if you can:
    • September 11- Set up and clean up for the Parish Picnic and Fr Henri 40th celebration.
    • September 18th-In God We trust event in Aurora
    • September 19th-Our first Pancake breakfast 
    • October 16th – Helping out at the Oktoberfest Sundancer
  • Recurring events:
    • 2nd Tuesday of the month-Business meetings
    • 4th Tuesday of the month-Planning meetings
    • Meetings are hybrid with in-person and virtual participation and are kept to one hour.
    • 2nd Saturday of each month-Prayer in the Square for the unborn at 20th and Kipling after the 8:15 mass.
  • Other events being planned
    • Celebration for the completion of the Congo water/Latrine project. It will be on a Saturday morning so that we can Zoom with the folks from the Congo.
    • Tootsie roll fundraiser for those with intellectual disabilities at a King Soopers and after masses-some time in September

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