“Cheers To Life” Sales Help Needed After ll Masses

We will be selling the tickets to this year’s Knights Ultrasound Fundraising Event, “Cheers to Life” again this weekend (Feb 20-21) after all masses. I know we have the pancake breakfast as well so a lot of activity however it is a great opportunity for us to be in front of the parish for the cause. As a reminder, the event is being held on April 23rd from 6:30 to 9pm in the OLF school gymnasium and the cost remains at $45 per ticket. As in the previous weekend, we will need assistance selling tickets after all the masses until we reach our goal of selling 250 tickets. It is our most ambitious event to date however we are encouraged by the tremendous results last year, and we are called by the Holy Spirit to continue our efforts in support of respecting the sanctity of life in all of its stages. 
We will need brothers to man the sales table after all masses for the weekend of Feb 20-21. This year we will also be accepting credit cards using the “Square” on iPhones and iPads. Please contact Br. Ritchey  if you will be able to assist after masses this weekend. Woody will be at all the masses in support of the sales. Thanks in advance all you do to make “Cheers to Life!” such a terrific event.

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