Major Degrees available in Northglenn on Oct. 11th

The three degrees provide the basis for Knighthood.  The degrees contain the lessons that teach the meaning and purpose of being a Knight.  Without the completion of the degrees, a Knight will not understand the basic tenants of Knighthood.  Each degree has its own special lesson and the combination of all three degrees provides the Knight with a foundation on which he builds his Knighthood experience.   Like all lessons taught to students, the individual understanding as to how they impact are somewhat unique to the student.  You can join the Knights and take your 1st Degree, but that is like reading only the first part of a three-part book.  You don’t gain the full understanding of what it means to be a Knight unless you complete the major degrees which equates to reading the entire three-part book.  The oath you took in the 1st Degree applies equally to all Knights, no matter what degree you have obtained.

A major degree (2nd & 3rd degree) exemplification has been scheduled for next month here in the metro Denver area.  The following is detailed information about the exemplification for your consideration:

Date:  Saturday, October 11, 2014

Place:  Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church (Parish Center)
11385 Grant St., Northglenn, CO 80233

Registration:  11:00 am

Registration Fee:  $20 (this fee will be paid by the council)

Time:  The 2nd Degree will start at 1:00 pm.  The 3rd Degree will start immediately following the 2nd Degree

Food & Drink:  Light food and refreshments will be served during registration

Spouses:  If you are married, you are encouraged to bring your wife to the event.  Council 7502’s Ladies Auxiliary will provide entertainment for them from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm.  This will be an excellent chance for your wife to meet the wives of other Knights in our order and discuss the importance of your wife within the Knights of Columbus environment.  Note:  Only the Knight who is receiving the 2nd and 3rd degrees is allowed to participate in the exemplification.

Mass:  A special mass will be celebrated at 5:00 pm for the benefit of all in attendance

Social & Banquet:  A social and banquet will take place immediately following mass

Please look at your schedule and make every attempt to attend.  If transportation is a problem, then don’t worry.  We will be carpooling and the carpool will leave the Fatima church parking lot at 11:00 am.  Please RSVP by calling or writing to our Grand Knight, Michael Majeres, by no later than Wednesday, October 1, 2014.  Michael’s telephone number is (303) 550-6632 and his email address is MMAJERES@GMAIL.COM.  When you reply, please supply Michael with the following information:

1.  Will you be attending (yes or no)

2.  Will your wife be attending

3.  Will you and your wife be attending the mass and banquet (note:  The Fatima Sundancer Gala is scheduled for the evening of October 1st and you may have already made plans to attend the Gala)

We hope to see you there.  Please give serious thought to the content of this message.

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