Call for State Convention Delegates

As a reminder, the state convention is quickly approaching.  Our council should send 2 voting delegates.  As Grand Knight, Michael Majeres will be the first delegate.

The by-laws of our Order provide for the representation of delegates from councils in good standing to our State Convention. Specifically, the referenced by-law’ is as follows

Chapter II Sec. 12(a) – State Councils shall consist of the Grand Knight and a Past Grand Knight, actually residing in the state or jurisdiction, from each subordinate council in good standing…………… If there be more than one Past Grand Knight, the council shall elect the one to represent it in the State Convention. A council having no past Grand Knight may elect any of its Third Degree members in good standing in lieu thereof as a representative of said council in the State Council. Each subordinate council shall elect alternates for representatives in the State Council.

If there is a Past Grand Knight who wishes to attend, they should let the Grand Knight ( know before March 8th.  3rd Degree Knights should also inform the Grand Knight if they wish to be considered as alternates, in case no PGK is available.  If there are multiple candidates, we will schedule a special meeting on March 12th to elect delegates.

Are You Ready for some Football (Frenzy)?

It’s football season again, and for the Knights in Colorado, that means Football Frenzy!  Football Frenzy is a sweepstake program operated by the state charities corporation.  Knights are asked to sell tickets that list 4 NFL teams for each of the last 10 weeks of the season.  Tickets that have 4 high-scoring teams, or 4 low-scoring teams, can win cash prizes.  $1000 in cash prizes are awarded each week.  There is also a discount card on every ticket.  Lots of details, and lists of weekly winners are available at  Ticket sales need to be complete by the end of September.  Last season, Brother Knight Tom Martinez sold a week 1 winner to a co-worker; who will sell (or buy) a winner this year?  Contact Michael Majeres at to get tickets today!  Please put “Football” in the subject line.