Tootsie Roll Time

Each fall, the Knights of Columbus conduct one of their most popular and successful programs, known as the “Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities”. As the name entails, this program benefits people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Knights stand outside local businesses and solicit funds from the public. In appreciation, the donor is offered a “Tootsie Roll”. The high visibility of this program has led to the campaign being referred to as the “Tootsie Roll Drive” even though there is no official connection with the candy manufacturer.

Here at Our Lady of Fatima, the Knights of Columbus are in the process of performing a very successful 2014 campaign. Starting the first weekend in September and running through the middle of October, the Knights will be soliciting contributions in front of three different King Soopers stores in the Lakewood area. They will conclude the 2014 campaign by standing outside the Fatima church in late October and asking for donations at the conclusion of all masses. If you would like to contribute to this important drive, you may make a cash donation or write a check addressed to “K of C – 9597”. The Knights will accept any and all donations – small and large as they all add up to help the handicapped. Remember: this program is to help the handicapped and we encourage everyone – young, middle aged and seniors to participate. This is an excellent opportunity for children to experience the “helping hand” of a Catholic by giving to those less fortunate!

All money collected during the drive will stay within the metro-Denver area. In 2013, the program donations were given to the following organizations: Continue reading